Continuing Professional Education with Illinois CPA Society

Illinois CPA Society pic

Illinois CPA Society

Tim Salvesen, a graduate of Northern Illinois University’s master of accounting program, has over 15 years of experience in accounting. As a member of the Illinois CPA Society, Tim Salvesen has access to the CPE OnDemand program of online continuing education courses.

CPE OnDemand is one of many educational tools offered by the Illinois CPA Society. It offers continuing professional education via online courses that can be accessed 24/7, providing convenience for participants. The program consists of affordably priced one- and two-hour courses, which are also available to nonmembers for a slightly higher fee. With the OnDemand Access Pass, 40 courses are offered for $199 for members and $249 for nonmembers. Access Pass holders can choose from over 100 interactive courses.

Examples of courses offered through CPE OnDemand include Achieving Organizational Excellence by Managing Change: The New Skill for Today’s Leaders, Building a Resilient Organization through Enterprise Risk, and Cashing in on Payroll.


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