Three Ways to Volunteer with Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Mothers Against Drunk Driving pic

Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Tim Salvesen, a CPA and the vice president of Gridliance, is an active volunteer with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). MADD was formed in 1980 and fights to end drunk and drugged driving and support the victims of these crimes. For individuals like Tim Salvesen who want to assist MADD in its mission, there are several ways to do so.

1. Become an advocate
After becoming familiar with where MADD stands on various policy issues, you can contact your legislators, working to strengthen certain existing laws and pass new ones that will benefit the organization’s cause.

2. Fund-raise
A common way to raise funds is by participating in a Walk Like MADD event or joining online as a virtual walker.

3. Engage in Your Community
You can run information booths or assist in hosting MADD activities. Other options include taking on a leadership role by serving on a local advisory board.


A Quick Short Game Tip

Golf Short Game pic

Golf Short Game

With nearly 15 years of financial experience, Tim Salvesen currently serves as a vice president and corporate controller with GridLiance, where he is responsible for overseeing the company’s accounting records. Outside his professional life, Tim Salvesen is an avid golfer.

The short game can be one of the most challenging aspects of golf. Difficult lies and atypical situations often call for deviation from a standard shot. However, there is one fundamental concept that golfers must keep in mind when trying to improve this aspect of their game. The most important concept is that the shoulders should always be parallel to the target line.

This is a universal rule for any shot in golf. While situations in the short game vary greatly from those of a drive or a fairway shot, the principle of keeping the shoulders parallel still applies. Instead of pointing your shoulders at the target, you should always keep them parallel to the target.

Chicago Chapter of American Cancer Society Sponsors Walk & Roll

American Cancer Society pic

American Cancer Society

In September 2015, Tim Salvesen began working for GridLiance in Chicago, Illinois, where he serve as vice president and corporate controller. Prior to that, he spent over a decade working at KPMG as an audit senior manager. Motivated by his mother’s passing as a result of lung cancer in 2010, Tim Salvesen has previously led KPMG’s Chicago office in working with the nonprofit American Cancer Society (ACS).

Established more than 100 years ago, the ACS remains dedicated to eliminating cancer, saving lives, and limiting suffering caused by cancer. In order to best reach out to its millions of supporters, the ACS consists of chapters scattered across the globe, with several dozen found in the United States.

To help it raise money, the ACS hosts a variety of events throughout the country. The Chicago region hosted a Walk & Roll on April 23, 2016, at Soldier Field. This family-friendly fundraising event began in 1971 as a bike-a-thon, and later included a run, walk, or skate. Participants had the option of partaking in a 5K walk or run, 10K skate, or 15K bike ride. With more than 2,900 participants and 185 teams, the event raised over $504,000.