A Brief History of the Chicago Bears – The Pre-Super Bowl Years

Chicago Bears Image: foxsports.com

Chicago Bears
Image: foxsports.com


A licensed CPA in Illinois, Tim Salvesen is the corporate controller and vice president of GridLiance. Outside of work, Tim Salvesen enjoys watching Chicago sports in person and on television, and he is on the season ticket waitlist for the Chicago Bears.

The Chicago Bears was founded in 1920 by George Halas and sponsored by the Staley Starch Company. Originally known as the Decatur Staleys, the team joined the American Professional Football Association (now the NFL) in 1920.

Although the team was moved to Chicago in 1921, it wasn’t until 1922 that the Staleys became known as the Chicago Bears and began gaining widespread recognition as an innovative professional football franchise. The Bears was the first franchise to purchase a player from another team, and it won the first indoor NFL game against the Portsmouth Spartans in 1932. Starting the following decade, the team appeared in four straight NFL championships, three of which it won.

By the 1950s, the Bears’ success started to hit a dry spell. The team won the majority of its games in the 1950s, yet it only appeared in one NFL playoff game and did not win any NFL titles. This drought ended in 1963 when the Bears beat the New York Giants to win the NFL Championship Game.


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