Maintaining a Healthy Diet

Healthy Diet pic

Healthy Diet

Tim Salvesen, a Wheaton, Illinois, resident, is the vice president of GridLiance. In his previous position as a senior audit manager at KPMG, LLC, Tim Salvesen was the office liaison for the American Cancer Society.

The American Cancer Society recently published an article on how to effectively include healthier meals in your diet. Eating a healthy diet is a fundamental component of staying healthy and reducing the risk of cancer. Healthy diets have more whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and less fried foods, processed meat, or red meat.

Often, making the big switch to a healthier diet will mean cooking more meals at home. Thankfully, with adequate planning, this shouldn’t be expensive or difficult to pull off.

To start off, plan your meals in advance. Prepare a shopping list of your weekly meals and snacks beforehand. This will reduce the number of trips you make to the store, in turn reducing the risk of impulse buying.

Plan your meals according to sales. If a food item you buy often is on sale, buy in bulk. Fruits and vegetables that are usually the least expensive include watermelon, apples, pears, bananas, lettuce, potatoes, greens, eggplant, and summer squash.

Avoid pre-washed and pre-cut vegetables, processed foods, and bagged salad mixes. For some meals, frozen vegetables or fruits work just as well.

When looking for a source of protein, don’t limit yourself to meat. Other foods such as beans are a great source.

For busy weeks, cook way ahead and freeze the meals. Add vegetables to soups and casseroles to prevent them from going bad too soon.


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