The ICPAS Prepares for 2017’s Jumpstart to Accounting

Jumpstart to Accounting pic

Jumpstart to Accounting

Since September 2015, Tim Salvesen has worked as the vice president and corporate controller at GridLiance, a company based in Chicago, Illinois. Tim Salvesen is also a licensed CPA and member of the Illinois CPA Society (ICPAS).

The ICPAS is now ramping up for next year’s Jumpstart to Accounting, a program that introduces students to accounting. Scheduled for April 21, 2017, Jumpstart to Accounting is a half-day interactive event that will be held at the ICPAS offices in Chicago.

The program is designed to teach students the benefits of gaining a CPA license and how to transition into a professional role. Students will also get to share their ideas, learn from industry professionals, and visit real-world accounting firms.

Scott Steffens, the ICPAS board chair, called the event, “a risk-free environment to ask questions in a setting that’s not like a job interview.” To learn more about the ICPAS or 2017’s Jumpstart to Accounting, visit


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