The American Cancer Society’s Views on Daily Aspirin Use

Daily Aspirin Use pic

Daily Aspirin Use

Tim Salvesen, CPA, serves as vice president of GridLiance in Chicago, Illinois. Outside of his professional obligations, Tim Salvesen often supports charitable organizations that are important to him. In the recent past, he has worked with the American Cancer Society (ACS) in remembrance of his mother.

In response to several recent news reports, the ACS released a statement about aspirin and its role in preventing cancer. According to the ACS, aspirin does have a link to a decreased risk of colorectal cancer. Research suggests that daily aspirin use can mitigate the risk of developing this specific type of cancer.

However, the ACS suggests that the risks of daily aspirin use might outweigh the potential benefits for some people. Overuse of aspirin can lead to internal bleeding and other severe side effects. As a result, the ACS suggests that the public refrain from using aspirin solely to prevent cancer and urges people to visit a doctor before starting a new aspirin regimen.


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