Ways to Be More Productive While Traveling for Business

As a top-level executive for an energy-industry firm, Tim Salvesen often travels for business. Tim Salvesen meets clients both locally and internationally.

To make business trips more productive, professionals may want to:

1. Download productivity apps – Using technology, business can be done anywhere, anytime. Certain apps, such as Boingo Hotspot, allow anyone to connect to Wi-Fi while waiting for a flight. Evernote is particularly useful in compiling notes and tasks.

2. Work ahead – Before traveling, make sure to prioritize and complete complex projects. Putting in extra hours to finish what can be done ahead enables business travelers to focus on their travel agendas.

3. Join a co-working space – Co-working spaces provide business travelers proper desk space with basic resources needed to accomplish simple tasks. These mobile office spaces are usually available for use through membership fees.

4. Take advantage of layovers – If the next trip or connecting flight is more than 45 minutes away, proceed to the boarding gate and start completing simple work tasks. For instance, make phone calls and read emails while waiting.


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