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Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)


Chicago-based Tim Salvesen operates as the vice president of accounting and corporate controller at GridLiance GP, LLC. Apart from his professional pursuits, Tim Salvesen performs community service, including as a volunteer for Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). Below are some common questions and answers regarding MADD.

Q: What is MADD?

A: The mother of a teenage girl who was killed by a drunk driver established MADD as a nonprofit in 1980. MADD raises awareness of and protects families from underage drinking, as well as drugged and drunk driving.

Q: What kind of victim services does MADD provide?

A: In addition to a 24-hour helpline, MADD offers support groups comprised of survivors of drugged and drunk driving and provides supportive literature. It also publishes MADDvocate, a biannual online magazine with, among other things, uplifting stories. Moreover, MADD helps those affected by drugged and drunk drivers receive compensation and other assistance. It also provides tribute services to the families of those who have been impacted by such drivers.

Q: How can one get involved with MADD?

A: You can either directly donate gifts, money, or other items to MADD or participate in its fundraising activities. Additionally, you can help advocate for change by staying informed, volunteering at MADD events, or participating in legislative action alerts.


Golf Tips for Beginners

Golf Tips pic

Golf Tips

An experienced auditor with a master of accounting science from Northern Illinois University, Tim Salvesen serves as the controller and vice president of accounting for GridLiance GP, LLC, in Chicago. Beyond dispatching his professional obligations, Tim Salvesen enjoys a multitude of hobbies, including golf. The following tips could prove helpful for beginning golfers.

Before getting into stance, it is important to align the clubface properly by situating it directly behind the ball and in line with the target hole.

Select the right type of club, depending mostly on the type of approach. Natural shot tendencies, wind, and obstacles in the landing area also affect club selection.

Modify your stance to accommodate the selected club.

Grip the club’s handle tightly.

When there is wind, hit the ball in the direction of the wind, not against it.

Try to hit the ball to the upper or pro side of the hole, as that increases the likelihood of hitting the target area.

When in a bunker, hit downward, striking behind the ball to let the sand lift it up and out onto the green.

Do not undermine chipping.