Interesting Facts about the US Marine Corps

US Marine Corps pic

US Marine Corps

Northern Illinois University graduate Tim Salvesen is an accounting professional with fifteen years of experience in the industry. The current vice president and the corporate controller of GridLiance GP, LLC, Tim Salvesen is also an honorably discharged sergeant in the United States Marine Corps.

Below are few interesting facts about the United States Marine Corps:

The first marine recruitment is believed to have been in 1775 by Captain Samuel Nicholas and Captain Robert Mullan in a bar known as Tun Tavern, located in Philadelphia.

The most common nicknames for marines are leathernecks, as they originally wore a stiff upright collar; jarheads, because their heads stick out from their high-collared uniform and look like a mason jar; and devil dogs, a tribute to their ferocity and endurance.

The popular US Marine Corps combat knife known as Ka-Bar got the name in honor of a story told by a fur trapper. With a heavy accent, the trapper said he “k a bar,” meaning he killed a bear.

The first American to orbit the earth was a US Marine named John Glenn.


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